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Today I’m going to talk about 5 critical things that your website may be missing which’ll negatively affect your website’s performance. As part of our research strategy at SiteJacket, we regularly review a business’ website (if they have one) and compile a report on areas that need improving, or adding if a key component is missing. Whilst the below list may seem a bit obvious as you’re used to seeing these things on most websites you visit in your everyday browsing; they are often overlooked.


Any website that wishes to build a relationship with its visitors and doesn’t have an “About Us” page is missing the mark by a wide margin. A simple “About Us” page gives a business legitimacy by telling the visitor its story, who the people behind the brand are etc. this kind of brand awareness of key in building trust with potential future customers.

Many websites also forgo a dedicated “Contact Us” page, instead relying on a single Call To Action on their homepage to show an email address or a phone number. Whilst having visible CTAs is a great feature to have on a website, your main focus on getting more customers is to nudge them towards getting in contact with you, and a Contact page is key for this. You might even include an enquiry form on this page to save your visitors time and allowing them to contact you directly in this fashion.


One of the first things we ask a client here at SiteJacket is regarding the kind of content they will be providing us to populate their website with. One of the biggest tricks to great Search Engine Optimisation is to ensure that the content going on the site is relevant and unique, and this is true of both text and images. Whilst it can be easy and time-saving to use stock images of products, or even stock descriptions of said products, if there are a hundred websites out there displaying the same thing, it’s hard to stand out.

Another form of premium content is in the form of regular updates to things relating to the website. This could be a regularly updated blog that gives tips, advice or reviews on the things you are selling online. It might be a new image gallery. It might even be unique downloadable content, such as an e-book or a webinar. This type of content will ensure that your website stands out above and beyond your competitors.


Reviews are a business’ lifeblood. People always want to know if the product or service someone is providing is of good quality, and this is reflected in the reviews that are left, so if you’ve got a whole host of good reviews for the work that you do then you should show it off! However, many websites will omit this precious resource, or keep them small and simple. If you’ve ever received a good review you should display it proudly for visitors to see. Don’t be afraid to link to external sites, like Yelp or Google Business for other review/testimonial options, but always include anywhere between 4 – 6 glowing reviews from previous clients.


Like it or loathe it, Social Media is here to stay and is another great way to showcase your products or services to a huge audience. With more and more people viewing websites through their phones, having an easy-to-find link to a business’ FaceBook or Instagram profile is a genuine must-have. However, this also means that you should maintain a constant presence on your chosen Social Media platforms as this will reassure a visitor that you’re still in business and it’s a great way to reach out to these potential customers who may wish to ask short questions on your posts. If managing your social media is something that doesn’t interest you, then this is something that many digital agencies can do for you for a modest monthly fee. You can read more about these kinds of services by checking out the services we here at SiteJacket provide.


Now, I talk a lot about SEO in these blog posts, but that’s because it’s a huge part of any website’s success. A poorly-optimised site will perform terribly when people are searching for the kind of things your website will provide and therefore cause you to lose out on these potential customers. Investing a little time and/or money into a proper SEO solution will ensure that your website will be a future success and bring that much-sought traffic your way.

So, in conclusion, these are just a few things that may be missing from your website which may be the reason your website isn’t as successful as you want it to be. Hopefully by reviewing this list it’ll give you some ideas of the kinds of areas that you may need to work on. If you’d like any help in reviewing your website, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will be glad to be of assistance!