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With 2020 drawing to a close soon (and not soon enough, right?), I just wanted to take the time to show off three of my favourite courses any aspiring Developer may be interested in taking in order to either take the plunge into Web Development, sharpen up their existing skills or learn a new one. Firstly, I want to say that these aren't paid adverts; these are genuinely great courses that I've personally taken in order to help further my own skills and wanted to give them a special mention.

The Web Developer Bootcamp 2020 - Colt Steele


Colt Steele's updated for 2020 Web Developer Bootcamp course is an absolutely fantastic jumping on point for a new developer wanting to get in on the ground floor. I took this course a few years ago and was delighted to see that Colt's recently updated this course for 2020/2021, covering a mutitude of subjects from the basics of HTML5 & CSS3 up to using technologies like NPM and MongoDB. This is a wonderful catch-all introduction with fully-detailed videos and coding exercises, presented by a competent instructor (and his cat).

You can find this course here: www.udemy.com/course/the-web-developer-bootcamp/

Bootstrap 4 From Scratch With 5 Projects - Brad Traversy


Bootstrap by Twitter is a great framework to learn, and my personal favourite. When Bootstrap 4, the current iteration at time of writing, launched I thought it best to dive right in and build up my skills in the area. Brad Traversy, of Traversy Media fame, made this course easy to follow and building the aforementioned 5 projects a breeze. Talking of the projects, it was nice to see that they wren't re-hashes of each other, which I've seen a few online courses try and pass off before. Instead, the projects range from portfolio layouts to an Admin UI page, taking students on a wonderful journey on how best to utilise Bootstrap 4's capabilities.

You can find this course here: www.udemy.com/course/bootstrap-4-from-scratch-with-5-projects/

Complete React Developer in 2020 - Andrei Neagoie


Andre is one of my favourite instructors on uDemy. He's passionate and enthusiastic and it really comes through on his videos. I wanted to give myself a refresher on my coding skills and one of his previous courses was another bootcamp, covering basics and intermediate skills, which led me onto his React course. This is another course that has been updated for 2021, which comes in handy for those wanting to knuckle down with one of the most popular JS Frameworks right now. This course is very involved, covering topics such as Redux, Asynchronous Redux, multiple APIs and React Best Practices, but don't let that dissuade you from jumping on board - you don't need any previous experience with any other JS Framework in order to understand this course.

You can find this course here: www.udemy.com/course/complete-react-developer-zero-to-mastery/

And there we have it, three amazing courses by three amazing instructors. With lockdown and restrictions still in place across the country it might just be the best time to pick up a new skill or hone existing ones. Who wouldn't want to start the new year that way? That being said, it's about time I went back to studying new trends in both web development and digital marketing to make SiteJacket an even better agency for 2021. Be excellent and stay safe!

Joe Smith

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