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A website is one of the first ways in which a potential client interacts with you, but is it as interesting as it could be? Today we’ll go over 5 signs that your website is boring.

1. Your website takes a long time to load

So, before we even get to seeing what your website actually looks like, people may be turned away by just how long it takes for the page(s) to load. It might be that your home/landing page is quite image heavy, or uses all sorts of fonts that require many requests to be made before loading properly. Basically, your website isn’t as optimised for viewing as it should be, and long load times are incredibly boring to people, especially if they’re only going to spend a few seconds browsing the content within.

2. A lack of images

They say “a picture is worth a thousand words”, and this is quite a true statement. If your landing page is lacking in visual content, instead greeting visitors with a wall of text, then people quickly lose interest and leave. Images require careful planning at times as you also don’t want to give the impression of overloading your page with them because this may cause the website to take a long time to load (see above), so be sure to use a good amount and keep them as optimised as possible.

3. Your content is outdated

One of the first things I tend to do if I’m researching a project, or wanting to find out some information for some other reason, is to see if there’s a “published” date on the article I’m reading, or the website I’m visiting – this can even be by checking the copyright year on a page’s footer. If it’s out of date, then I’ll usually click away to find something a bit more recent. It’s always good practice to keep your content as up to date as possible, but by not doing it you run the risk of a high bounce rate. Speaking of…

4. Your website has a high bounce rate

So, what do we mean by “bounce rate”? Well, a bounce rate is a measurement that monitors your visitors’ habits in regards to the time spent on your website. If a visitor is only staying on your site to view a single article or item in your shop and then leave, this could mean that your website isn’t engaging enough to keep them around.

5. Your landing page is (possibly) not enough

If you’re a small business, or one that’s just starting out and finding your way online then something like a landing page will be excellent for your needs. However, as your business becomes a bit more established and you’re attracting an audience, they may be put off by a website that doesn’t contain a lot of information, or ways in which to engage them. It’s possible that you might need something along the lines of a product gallery, with reviews or even a blog page to inform your visitors of any updates that you’d like them to know. Many websites these days have links or even direct feeds from their social media pages to their website. It’s definitely worth considering expanding your website to satisfy these needs.

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