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Before we like to take on a project here at SiteJacket, we like to get to know our clients a little better. Usually this is over a coffee but in these Covid-times a lot of our communication isn’t as face-to-face as we’d like. Still, before we start designing a client’s brand new website (or updating their current one), there are a few things we’d like to know beforehand and in this post I’d like to show you the top 5 things we ask a client.

1 - What does your business do?

This is pretty self-explanatory; what does your business do? Are you a coffee shop serving all kinds of fresh coffee? Are you a portrait photographer who operates their own studio? Are you a non-profit organisation interested in helping people with special needs? Knowing the answer to this simple question allows us to get a better grasp of your situation and what your needs may be. We can then research others in your field to see what does and doesn’t work for them in terms of web design and apply those accordingly.

2 – What is the desired action you would like a website visitor to take?

Different businesses have different reasons for wanting a website. The coffee shop may wish to advertise its menu to attract new business, or even sell coffee online to new customers. The photographer may wish to showcase their work to encourage people to book them for a future shoot. The non-profit may wish to advertise upcoming charity events and help raise awareness by displaying information on the website. Whatever the reason behind wanting a website, it is a good idea to communicate this to your web designer so they can understand exactly the goals you are trying to accomplish.

3 – Do you have a brand identity? Do you have the content you’d like to display ready?

A client with an already-established brand identity is a great help in designing a website. A colour-scheme, logo and style are already in place and a professional web designer should easily be able to design a website around this identity. Also, having content ready to publish will not only speed things up, but also allow the web designer to correctly determine the best place on the website for the content to go. The photographer may have selected images they want displayed in different galleries. The coffee shop may have product images ready to go in their new online shop. The non-profit has plenty of information about the kinds of things they do and the services they provide. Having this content ready will speed the development of the site exponentially, which leads me to…

4 – When would you like the project completed by?

This gives us a timescale which will allow us to quote you options much more effectively. If the website is needed as soon as possible, we can arrange for a quick turnaround without any of the potential scope creep. If the project can afford to wait a while, we can ensure that we will provide you with a rigorously-tested website that meets your expectations before a full launch.

5 – Is there anything else you would like us to know about?

Whilst this doesn’t seem as straightforward as the other questions on this list, it’s always best to be thorough when it comes to designing your website and to make sure we have as much information as possible. Projects run the risk of dragging on for a longer period of time because the client may suddenly remember a feature that they wanted added, or sections of content that should receive priority over others. We believe in launching your website as efficiently as possible to ensure that you won’t lose any potential business.

So as you can see, these are some straightforward questions that really help us grasp what it is our prospective clients are after in terms of a website, or even a targeted digital marketing campaign. It’s always best to get as much information as possible before even drawing up a project proposal to allow us the opportunity to present them with the best possible options in going forward.

I hope this article helps you understand a little more of the way we work here at SiteJacket, and if you’d like to speak to us more regarding a project and how we can make your goals a reality, do not hesitate to contact us.

Joe Smith

Commander-in-chief of SiteJacket, Joe's the go-to guy for all things SJ. He enjoys Web Design, tea and painting tiny plastic spacemen.