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Hello there!

Today’s post is all about just how important a legitimate email address is for your business, but firstly I’d like to tell a little story. I was out for a drive recently when a sign caught my eye. You know the ones; a small placard advertising a local business, usually with the business name, what they do and a phone number and/or email address. Granted, I was in the car and therefore only saw it for a brief couple of seconds whilst I was waiting at some traffic lights, but it was a sign for a local sign making company along with the company name and email addresses and that is what stuck out for me. The company was using two different email addresses from two different free email address providers.

Now, I am not saying there is anything wrong with free email address providers. They are fantastic for many reasons and I have been an avid user of a couple for many years. However, what I am getting at is how if you are using one for your business, it lends it an air of implausibility. It shows that although you are happy to put time and money into your marketing in one channel (in this case the sign on the road), you are neglecting a major channel in today’s digital age: having a website. I have gone over many times before about how just by having a website alone can increase your business’ credibility, but when advertising it not only are you giving your customers somewhere to visit online, you’re using a much more personalised email address and that instils confidence in any potential buyer.

Think about it, would you rather take drum lessons from or ? Or even make an enquiry to as opposed to Looking at those email addresses you might have already made a subconscious choice and this can affect a business on a massive scale.

So, by investing in a website, or even just a domain tied to your business that you can create an email address from, is first and foremost a very wise decision. It is the first step on the path to having a credible business and one that will inspire confidence in your future customers.