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Today I’m going to talk about how long it’ll take to build your website, a question that’s regularly asked by clients. In a nutshell, the answer is that it’s variable. Are you a guitar teacher wanting to reach a local audience? This might only take a few hours. Are you a comic book creator that’s thinking about starting a website that’ll not only showcase your portfolio, but also to sell goods? This could take days or even weeks. There are other factors at play also that can decrease the time it takes (you have all of your content ready to go) or increase it (you need a copy writer to write the posts or articles you want).

When building a website for a client, the first stage is all about planning. Questions are asked that range from “What is your business” to “What goals do you want to achieve with the website?”. The guitar teacher may only want a page that they can link potential customers to, or host some video tutorials and have a contact form. The creator might want an intricate e-commerce setup, fully Search Engine Optimised in order to reach as many people as possible in order to sell their goods, or have a centralised space, away from social media platforms, to engage with their audience. As you can see from these two examples, one is going to take much more planning and design work than the other.

Content is also usually a big factor as to how long it takes for a website to go from the design stage to becoming fully-launched. Whereas the creator in our previous example may already have the images and words ready to go, the guitar teacher may not. Here at SiteJacket, we offer copy writing services for any client who is unsure of what they wish to write for their website, be it front page text, or even news articles or blog posts. It might be that the guitar teacher may have a rough idea of the kind of content that they wish to have on their site, but wanted to consult with the web designer in order to help realise it, and that the content will be forthcoming. Basically, the sooner the content is ready, the quicker the website can launch.

Wrapping up, all I can say is that it’s almost impossible to give a straightforward answer to the question “How long does it take to build my website?” without knowing all of the factors in the equation. You also run the risk of having to allow for a little bit of wiggle room as there may be unforeseen circumstances that can delay a project. That being said, if you’re hiring a professional web designer, or engaging with a digital agency, then during the initial stages you should be told a reasonable estimate of how long the process will take.