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Hello there!

Things have been understandably a bit quiet around here since Covid-19 hit and lockdown has been in place in the UK. What this means for us here at SiteJacket is we’ve been having to adapt to new ways of thinking and approaching work. As we like to keep our skills up to scratch, we have been engaging with members of the design community in the form of fun challenges and tasks that’ll keep us fresh for when things return somewhat to normality.


Challenges are usually design-based, from branding and logos to a full website design. Someone will post a brief stating what they require and may provide examples or files such as text or images to inspire or just speed things along. Although the majority of these challenges are just for fun, to flex some design muscles, they are also a great way to showcase your (or in our case, our agency’s) talents which could lead to potential work further down the line. In any case, these are great little events that allow you to interact with the design community at large and is also a fantastic way to network! I’ve certainly made connections with some fantastic designers this way.


I’m glad you’ve asked! As we continue to ride out Covid-19, you’ll probably see more of our challenge work, labelled “Concepts” pop up in our Work Section. In fact just today I showcased a recent example of our work – a design concept for a website for a small accounting firm¬†complete with multiple pages, a blog section, links to resources and a fully-working contact page. As time goes on, we’ll showcase some more of our best work.

In the meantime, stay safe out there!