Accounting Business

  • YEAR: 2020
  • PROJECT: Website Concept
  • HTML 5
  • CSS 3

"Constantine Accounting" is a fictional accounting firm that we created as part of an online challenge in order to show off how even a website built to a fast turnaround can still look professional.


To design and build a website for a fictional accounting business "Constantine Accounting". The website must include pages for "About Us", "Services", "Contact" and even a blog section. As is standard in modern web design, links to the website's Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions pages are also to be included. Although certain files were provided to help speed things along, such as stock images and a basic logo, we were able to provide our own ones if we wished.


Being given free reign over the entire process allowed us to plan and build the website exactly how we wanted with no worries regarding waiting for client updates and the like. We immediately set to work researching effective colour schemes for the finance industry, built the basic structure of the website using Bootstrap 4 and populated it largely with dummy text and some of the stock images we were given. We decided upon a fitting font using Google Fonts and even designed a logo that fit in with the overall colour scheme and design. After building the home page, the other sections of the site were completed very quickly with only the blog section needing a little more time to ensure everything worked correctly.


The final result ended with a fully-functioning website for a small accounting firm that was completed in a very fast amount of time. As you can see, it's a fresh, clean design that was made to be fully-responsive, contains all of the sections required by the brief and even including a couple more that weren't previously specified in order to make the website look more professional and robust, and more importantly, it contains a working contact form and blog section which means this is a website that could be implemented immediately with very little tweaking/updating needed for a client.

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