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Hello there!

Welcome back, after a brief hiatus, to the new and improved SiteJacket! As you can see, we’ve had quite a glow-up from our old hand-coded website to a fast, clean version using WordPress. We’ve even got a spiffy new logo, courtesy of one of our partners; Windson. Take a look around – you’ll see much of the same stuff as before, such as what services we can offer you from a logo design or SEO management to a full-blown digital package including web design and social media management. You’ll even see previous projects that we’ve done, and we’ve also brought over our entire collection of previous blog articles for your perusal.


Working through the pandemic has allowed SiteJacket to thrive, getting involved with a lot of new and exciting clients, many of which were starting their own business. As new clients came in, we decided to conduct some research as to anything more that we could offer and as such we have expanded our services even further. One of these expanded services includes full branding packages, going beyond the scope of a simple corporate logo, and also full-on Social Media Management – more and more businesses are relying on a good social media presence to get their name and their products out there and in order to take the burden of regularly updating their pages on their own, they are hiring the services of agencies like ours to manage it for them.


Honestly? The sky’s the limit. We’re going on a huge push to see just how we can help more people realise their small business needs. You’ll see us post more on our social media channels, such as our Twitter, Facebook and Instagram pages. We’ll also bring more skilled people into the fold, along with keeping up with our learning making sure we can bring the most up-to-date skills to bear.

So, please feel free to stay and have a look around at our new home. check out our expanded services list, meet the team or even some of our previous work. If you’re interested in what you see, or just want to chat about the kind of things we can do for you, drop us a message and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. We hope to hear from you soon!