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Hello there!

Today’s post is about “Mobile First” design. It’s a concept many of you reading this may have already heard of as it’s a selling point most web designers or digital agencies like to put out there early, and with good reason. In a nutshell, “Mobile First” design is the designing of a web page or site that has small screen sizes in mind at the beginning, mainly how the pages will look when viewed on a mobile device then scaling up all the way to a desktop computer or even a Smart TV.

These days, a hefty majority of web browsing is done via mobile phone. How many times in a day have you quickly wanted to know the answer to something only to whip out your phone, go to your favourite search engine and find out? Or maybe there’s a forum you visit and during your commute you like to browse through the threads? These are good indicators that show the rise of mobile browsing and because of this more and more websites need to be optimised for it.

Back in the day, web designers would have to design two (or more, depending on screen sizes) versions of a website because of how hey may be viewed, but these days with advancements in coding and powerful browsers, it’s easier to design for mobile viewing first and then dynamically change the layout on the page for different screen sizes. This saves designers and developers a lot of time and ultimately saves the client money.

So now you have an understanding of what it is, why is it so important? Well, apart from ease-of-viewing from mobile devices, Google themselves will actually rank a page higher in its search listings if it is deemed to be mobile friendly. Your customers too, will appreciate a website made that can be viewed on mobile and desktop with seamless transitions.

The thing is, although the term “mobile first” gets thrown around a lot by savvy designers as a key selling point, we are fast moving towards a stage where instead of the design principle being a unique thing, it will ultimately become the standard for web design. “Mobile First” is happening now and you don’t want to be left behind!