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“When should I redesign my website?” – this isn’t necessarily a question I’m asked all that often but it’s one that should be asked a lot more than it is. A lot of businesses out there, from one-person setups, such as a guitar teacher, to larger operations, like a restaurant, café or even a pub, think that as soon as they’ve got a website on the go, with the ability to make a few posts here and there to update visitors on what they offer, that’s all they need. For a lot of cases, this is true, but not for those who wish to run a successful business. While there’s no concrete answer to this question, the general thought is about 2 – 3 years. Obviously, like many things when it comes to web design, there are different factors to consider when applying the principle which I’ll go through below to give you a much more accurate idea of when exactly you should be redesigning your website.


So, this is kind of a big one. It’s no secret that things move quickly in the tech world and web design is one of those things that’s constantly playing catch-up. You might remember things like Flash Player for watching videos or playing browser-based games back in the day, but that has recently gone the way of the dinosaur with support for it dropping from all of the major browsers with the rise of mobile web browsing. These kinds of changes in technology can leave a well-functioning website broken and in desperate need of an immediate redesign.


The kind of web designer you hired, or the kind of website building service you chose for the current iteration of your website may not have been as forward-thinking as you now realise. What was popular in web design a few years ago may be completely outdated now, unless the designer was incredibly forward-thinking enough to design a website that keeps a fresh, modern style. Unlike the fashion world, the trends that were big in web design 10 years ago won’t suddenly come back in style. If you think your website is looking outdated, it probably is.


This is an easy one. You’ve decided to rebrand; a new logo, colour scheme, the works. It goes without saying that your website needs to be immediately redesigned to match this current scheme, otherwise your customers may think they’ve landed on the wrong website making you lose out on those possible conversions.


Picture this; you started out as a cottage industry making custom beanie hats and selling them via Etsy, but you’ve got a small website for advertising your portfolio and redirecting to said Etsy store. Now, demand for them has increased to the point where you’re wanting to cut out the middleman and sell to the customer directly via an e-commerce platform. You may even decide to do this because you’re worried about a sudden influx of competition on Etsy and you want to stand on your own two feet and distance yourself from them. Redesigning your website to allow for these changes in your business goals can give your business a much-needed boost.

So you see, even though I mentioned earlier that a website should go through a redesign once every 2 – 3 years, there are factors that may make you think to do it sooner than that, or even later. Just remember this key fact: Your website is a huge factor when it comes to your brand – probably even more so than you’re willing to admit. Nurture it and when the time comes to redesign, budget for it properly. The returns will be more worth it than you realise.