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Hello there!

Today I’m going to talk about just why a website is better than a business card. This is something I’ve alluded to a whole lot over the past few months, but today I’m going to hammer home 6 reasons why this seemingly bold statement is true. Ready? Let’s go.


Your business card typically has your name, position, company name, logo, email address and/or phone number on it, which is great if people would like to get in contact with you, but it doesn’t really give out a lot more than that. Your website will give people all of that information and a whole lot more. Instead of being “A John Smith from Barovia Industries”, you’d be “That John Smith from Barovia Industries, the company that makes and sells XYZ”.


If you’re following good practice, your website will be frequently updated, which is more than could be said about your business card. You can update your website with more products, or reviews, or even write an article or blog post detailing that amazing new product you’ve just got in stock, reaching many more potential customers. Can your business card do that? Nope.


Gone are the days where, if you had a website, you’d have to wait for someone to get back home or to the office to log on and see what you and your business are all about. These days you can quickly show off your website to anybody who has a mobile phone (or if not, then use yours!). Obviously if you’re doing this, then you might want to make sure that it’s fully optimised for mobile.


A website is far more affordable than having to constantly print more business cards. You pay the initial costs for the design and then a small yearly fee for the hosting and domain registration. Having stacks of business cards you’ve just had to order around the place is also a negative, whereas the website stays virtual.


You’ve given your business card out to a potential customer or client and now you’re having to play the waiting game for them to get back in touch with you. What if they wanted just that little extra push before making that sale? Through your website you’ll be able to communicate clearly what you want to get across, without the need for a high-pressure sales pitch over the phone. Customers feel more relaxed when things are presented to them in a clear and concise manner which will help your brand build the trust it needs.


Communication goes both ways, and via your website your customer is given the opportunity to give you direct feedback. This could take the form of a message via the website’s contact form, an email or even within the comments when they make a purchase.

Ultimately, in today’s world a business card is really only good for 2 things; dropping it at a restaurant in the hopes of getting a free meal, or getting clients to visit your website. Now whilst we might not be able to guarantee a free meal with your website, it might just be a good idea to cut out the middleman and go straight to the website. Wouldn’t you agree?