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So, you’ve started a business. Got all of your product together, or have an idea of the services you want to provide to potential clients and now you’re thinking about ways in which to attract said clients. You might be thinking to yourself “I can post on FaceBook groups” or “I’ll put an ad in the local newspaper” and these are viable means of going about it, however in order to reach those all-important clients your best bet is to invest in a website. Now, you might be thinking to yourself that websites can be expensive but you may not realise that by not having one, you could be losing a lot more money than what it takes to have one designed for you. Here are some ways that having your own website can help you and your business take off.


A website is a great first step into building your brand and really setting yourself apart from your competitors. Doing this will allow you to get exactly the kind of customers you’re after and you’ll also be able to control the positive aspects of your business and showcase positive feedback from previous customers, all which feed into building a credible brand. Talking of credibility…


By having your own website, you can communicate clearly quality information to your customers. A well-designed website can make a brilliant first impression to first-time customers by showcasing your expertise and adds legitimacy to your business.


You will be able to increase your customer base drastically be having a website that is search engine optimised. You’ll rank higher in Google searches and again, this helps when trying to attract the kinds of customers that you want.


Communicating with customers, be it via email, phone calls or even an ad campaign can be time consuming as you’ll find yourself being repeatedly asked the same questions; “How much does this cost?”, “How quickly can you provide this service?”, “What materials are used?” etc. Your website can speed up this process by communicating the answers to common questions such as these, and as you direct customers to your website, they’ll most likely browse whilst they are there potentially getting you another sale that you would otherwise have missed out on.


Your website is like a business card – It’s something anyone can access 24/7, just like a card in their wallet. If you are announcing a new product or service, you can feature it prominently on the website for people to see whenever they visit. You could also do this on social media, but because not everyone uses the same platforms as you may (if any) then you will find yourself either repeating the announcement, which could end up buried in matter of hours or days, or completely miss potential customers entirely.

In conclusion, it’s easy to see why your business needs a website. There are many, many more reasons to have one right now and it’s a small and relatively inexpensive barrier to overcome in order to help grow your business and if you’re wanting it to be successful then make getting a website your top priority. Feel free to send us a message if you’d like any advice, or to start the ball rolling on your own project by¬†clicking here!