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Picture this; you’ve got a website up and running but you notice that after a while no-one seems to be visiting it anymore. Where it may have had a few visitors upon launch traffic has nosedived ever since and you have no idea why. Today I’m going to talk about some reasons why that may be the case.

Firstly, it means that your website probably isn’t Search Engine Optimised. This means that Google and the other main search engines out there aren’t displaying it when returning results for related searches, or they are but your website is quite low on the list. SEO is incredibly important in today’s online world and should be a focus of your efforts. Many of the following reasons may also affect your optimisation so you can see just why it’s just that important.

Your website may not be mobile-friendly enough. You might have bought your website as a template off of an online marketplace and learned enough HTML & CSS to put up your content and launch it, but sometimes these 3rd-party templates aren’t as optimised for mobile viewing as you might think, or your updates have broken some code and it’s not rendering properly. As accessing a website on a mobile device becomes more and more common it’s likely that visitors will be put off of returning to a website that they know doesn’t render well on their phone.

Website speed is another common factor as to why people won’t visit your site. Page optimisation is again key here, and there are many online tools out there that can show you how long pages load on your website, and the longer it takes the less likely it will be given a high search engine ranking. It’s a commonly-known fact that around 40% of people abandon a website if a page takes longer than 3 seconds to load.

Are you updating content regularly enough? Search engines look favourably upon websites that are regularly updated, as this proves to them that the content is always fresh and relevant. No idea what to put on your website? How about a blog? You might be someone selling a product, so how about a review of that product? Or a music teacher reviewing albums or instruments? Or a chef wanting to showcase a recipe? If you’ve got a website, it’s quite possible that you have something to say, so start that blog and get your message out there!

Lastly, clear navigation & structure are also very important. If you have a disorganised home page, it may put people off spending too long on your website and will definitely deter them from returning in the future. Make sure your navigation and page layout are clear and easy to use.

If you are worried about how your website is performing, feel free to contact us for a report on your website’s performance and a discussion on just how we can help.